“After being hit in the back of the head by a 2×4 and sustaining pain and headaches and even after the goose egg disappeared and experiencing this for about five month I proclaimed enough is enough!!! I visited a neurosurgeon and not finding anything recommended physical therapy and gave me three to choose from and I chose Inspire and I could not be more satisfied with the care I got from Jillean and Dylan and receptionist Melissa was always so polite and helpful with my schedule, I would recommend Inspire to anyone for their therapy.”

~ Hendrick T..


“Over the years, I have had the occasion to go numerous Physical Therapist’s for treatment, and have never found one that I would definitely go back to. Then, a little over 3 years ago I had back surgery, and my doctor specifically sent me to Cara for my rehab. I was immediately impressed by how she went about doing her job, and her caring attitude towards her clients. I have recently had a knee replacement and I sought her out for my rehab. She and her staff at Inspire are top notch at what they do. I am very impressed by her, and would not hesitate to go to her again for any future therapy needs. There needs to be more people like her, someone who is excellent at her job, and also exhibits a caring attitude towards her clients. The entire staff at Inspire is awesome. Cara, Karly, Matt and Melissa are an amazing team.”

~ David K.


“I came to Inspire physical therapy with a lot of back pain from an accident. I had already completed a course of physical therapy elsewhere and still had a lot of pain. Since starting Inspire PT, I am finally sleeping better! My mobility is better than it has been. Cara did a thorough exam and proceeded accordingly. The staff is excellent, Karly, Matt, and Melissa. I highly recommend Inspire PT!”

~ Lisa H.


“I want to thank Cara, Karly, and Matt for the outstanding treatment, compassion, and expertise for my PT concerns. You exceeded my hopes and expectations and I want to thank you for your hard work and efforts.”

~ Wayne L.


“These sessions really helped me regain the use of my arms, and now I know what to do to keep things that way. Everyone was so gentle and made sure I was comfortable.”

~ Connie R.


“I had never been to therapy before and didn’t know what to expect. I thought it would hurt me. The therapists here were just great. I found the small stretches and short times on each things we did worked wonders and strengthened me in all the places that were in pain. I loved it!”

~ Judie S.


“I was convinced after my husband’s back surgery that Inspire Physical Therapy was an excellent place to come obtain complete rehabilitation after knee surgery. I was bound and determined that with their help, I could again be an avid hiker. I was right! So, if you are interested in mobility and flexibility after surgery this is the place to come!”

~ Sheila K.


“Went in with left knee pain and after only 5 sessions I am feeling better. All the staff there are great, helpful and knowledgeable. If more PT is needed I will go back.”

~ Susan M.


“I hurt my back in late November and was in pain for many months, finally went to my physician who recommended Inspire PT. I have completed my therapy now and am pain free for the first time in months. I am also sleeping much better. Words don’t seem enough but I am so grateful to Cara and Matt for showing me how to help myself and for giving me the tools to continue to improve. I highly recommend Inspire PT and their staff. Thank you all so very much.”

~ Billie M.


“Just want to say how happy I am to have my PT at Inspire PT. I had so much relief from my neck pain. I didn’t have much relief from the other place I went. Cara and all of the staff were so welcoming and concerned each time I was there. Hope I can come back again.”

~ Susan R.


“I was very impressed with the knowledgeable staff, not only in the excellent care provided but the ability to tailor to my needs specifically as well as work with my busy schedule. If you are looking for a PT provider that truly cares about their work this is the place.”

~ Mike T.


“I have had PT elsewhere for my neck and back without much success. After just a few sessions I am seeing results! I like the relaxed atmosphere and Cara, Matt, and Melissa are all great!”

~ Mischel B.


“I was having a problem of pinched nerves causing severe pain in many parts of my body. After having a series of MRI’s that showed multiple problems in spine and neck I was sent to Inspire as part of the diagnostic process. When I first went in I couldn’t turn my head and had severe pain in my shoulder, arms, hips, and legs. Along with stretches to loosen up Cara would put her hands on my neck and back and find muscles that were tight and work on pressure points to relax them. Having been to many physical therapists I found few who have this hands on approach that identifies troubled areas and uses hand pressure and stretches the way she does to decompress these areas. These methods are really effective and have relieved most of my pain. I want to thank Cara and her staff for the excellent service they provide and I would definitely give Inspire the highest possible recommendation.”

~ Frank J.


“Thank you Inspire Physical Therapy! After two painful shoulder surgeries I am finally on the road to getting my active life back. The staff makes you feel at ease and is very engaging. I appreciate your dedication to your work in making our lives better.”

~ Sandra “Dee” B.


“I walked in with my shoulders in my ears and walked out two inches taller, or at least that’s how I felt. I have done pt before but it wasn’t as much fun or as effective. Great people!”

~ Gary N.


“Cara you are the best! You and your team are very spot on with your therapy knowledge and personalities! After having back surgery, I couldn’t have asked for a more caring, capable group to help me recover! Thank you so much!”

~ Chris E.


“They are the BEST when it comes to Physical Therapy. They have helped me so very much in getting better. I walk in with a cane and when I am finished with my session I am walking out standing straight up, without a cane and NO pain. How AWESOME is that?! I also have been finding that I don’t need my cane as much to get around. Such a wonderful improvement. I am truly grateful for all their kindness and experience in helping me get better. They are more like a 10-star rating in my eyes!”

~ Alice S.

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